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synthetic shaving brush
vegan shaving brush
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Synthetic shaving brush

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We love this shaving brush because it made the swap from a disposable razor to a safety razor much less scary for us. The thick foam you can make with it makes the razor slide effortlessly. 

Whether you're a man, woman or anything in-between, we consider this synthetic shaving brush to be a shaving essential. 



Nylon synthetic hair: it's the vegan, cruelty-free alternative to badger hair
100% natural wood grain handle
Metal ring: prevents water from damaging the brush from inside



🌱 Vegan and cruelty-free: Traditional brushes are made using badger hair - a cruel process in which badgers are raised solely for their fur and often also meat. Our brush is made using synthetic hair.

🌱 Unisex: Yes ladies, we know it's not the most obvious choice for a woman, but using a shaving brush lifts up the hairs which gives a closer, smoother shave - why should only men reap those benefits? We even made a video to show you how we use it as women: see here.

🌱 No need to soak: Badger brushes need to be soaked before use as they absorb moisture. This isn't the case with a synthetic bristle brush: just wet the brush and you're ready to go.

🌱 Quick foam: Synthetic brushes foam up quicker than other brushes due to enhancements made possible when synthesising a brush.

🌱 Quick drying: These brushes dry extremely quickly when compared to badger bristle brushes.

🌱 Long-lasting: Synthetic brushes are very easy to maintain, meaning they will last much longer than other types of brush.

🌱 Sensitive-skin friendly: Their soft nylon bristles mean there is less chance of skin irritation.

🌱 Plastic free packaging

vegan shaving brush benefits


End of life:

- If possible, re-purpose it! They would be perfect for dusting off computer monitors and keyboards, for example.

- The handle can be recycled with wood or repurposed.

- The synthetic hair is made of nylon and should be trimmed and recycled with plastics.