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Astra razor blades

Replacement razor blades

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We've done a lot of research into razor blades and have settled on offering Astra's superior platinum blades, which are highly rated in the wet shaving community. 

Astra blades have been a firm favourite since the 1970s and are the perfect blade for beginners and experienced shavers alike, with a forgiving double edge that makes them a great fit for wet shaving and those with sensitive skin.

As a guide, one blade can last us up to one month but how long yours lasts depends on how often you shave and the thickness of your hair.

1 pack = 5 blades


Stainless steel with platinum coating
Plastic-free packaging



🌱  Affordable: A pack of 5 replacement blades costs €2.50 in our shop. How much do you spend on big brand blades?

🌱  Recyclable: Recycle these replacement razor blades with metal and their packaging with paper recycling.

🌱  Long-lasting: Due to its platinum coating that retains its edge and prevents rusting, one blade can last up to 10 shaves.

🌱  Beginner and sensitive skin friendly: 3/5 edge sharpness, meaning the blades are beginner friendly yet sharp. They are platinum coated for enhanced comfort.

🌱  Plastic free packaging

plastic free razor blades benefits


End of life:

Can be recycled with metal recycling. We would suggest putting old blades inside a used can you are also recycling to avoid the risk of someone accidentally hurting themselves. When the can is full, stick it in with the metal recycling.