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safety razor with linen pouch and replacement blades
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Eco friendly razor

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Here it is: the star of the show and our very first swap: the double edge razor.

This safety razor was the easiest swap to start with, to be honest. Using a plastic handle and paying 10-15€ for a pack of replacement plastic razor heads each time made no sense for us. Neither on a financial level nor an environmental one. And the quality of the shave is just so much better with this eco friendly alternative!


By purchasing this eco friendly razor you will get:

1 x Zinc alloy safety razor - stable and corrosion resistant

+ Free bonus:

5 x Astra replacement razor blades
1 x Natural linen pouch for your razor - perfect for storage or traveling


First time you’ll be using a safety razor? Don’t worry, we remember how you feel! It’s super simple - here are a few tips to get you started.



🌱 Affordable: A pack of 5 replacement blades costs €2.50 in our shop:  that's  €0.50 per blade. The average price for one replacement plastic cartridge is at least €3!

🌱 Reduces waste: The moment you stop using plastic razors you will be contributing less to the plastic that ends up in landfills and kills marine life.

🌱 Better shave: The single blade gives a closer shave and is great for sensitive skin.

🌱 Long-lasting: It can last a lifetime and is probably the cheapest way to shave in the long term.

🌱 Easy to clean: No more hairs stuck in your razor with this one - just twist the bottom of the handle to loosen or open up the butterfly head and run some water through it - done.

🌱 Zero-waste and eco-friendly: completely recyclable and plastic free.

🌱 Unisex: Ladies and gents, do not fear. We have tried this on all parts of our body and it works wonders!

🌱 Plastic free packaging

safety razor benefits



End of life:

Safety razor: The razor should last you a really long time if you take care of it, it's not uncommon for safety razors to be passed onto next generations! If yours doesn't make it that long, you can easily recycle it with metal recycling.

Replacement blades: Old replacement blades can also be recycled with metal recycling. Where possible, put old blades inside cans you are also recycling to avoid the risk of someone accidentally hurting themselves

Linen pouch: Linen is a durable material and any small holes that develop over time can generally be mended fairly easily. If it cannot be mended, recycle with textiles.