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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the shaving soap vegan and does it contain any palm oil?

The soap has been carefully selected from the incredible Bianca and Giulio at Zero Waste Path. In addition to being a great shaving soap, you can also use it on your hands, body and face! All of Bianca and Giulio’s soaps are handmade, vegan, palm-oil free and made using 100% renewable energy. You can find out more about them here.


What makes the shaving brush vegan?

A lot of popular shaving brushes are made using badger hair - a cruel process in which badgers are raised solely for their fur and often also meat. We choose to take the cruelty-free path and use synthetic hair, which makes for a great shave and lasts a really long time.


I'm not sure how to use the razor and brush!

Here are some quick tips to get you started!


How do I change the blade?

It’s really easy! Simply twist the bottom of the razor handle to open the butterfly head. Carefully unwrap a blade, hold it by the short sides and place it onto the razor head. Twist the bottom of the razor in the opposite direction to close. How long one blade lasts will depend on how often you use it… we get through about one per month!



How is the shaving kit packaged?

The shaving kit is 100% plastic-free and with minimal packaging. 


The box

We use Biobiene’s Naturebox®, a revolutionary technology from a repeat winner of Germany’s Sustainable Brand Award. The Naturebox is made from 35% domestic grass and 65% waste paper. Not a single tree was touched to make our boxes! Oh, and they are compostable!


The use of Natureboxes supports the domestic insect world, as the meadows needed for the production create habitats for bees whose habitats have been destroyed by intensive agriculture.  The grass fibers come from unused agricultural areas and, as raw materials, contribute to the protection of important forest resources.


The tape

We use craft paper tape that you can easily recycle. 


The stuffing 

We use compostable  wood shavings to protect the items.


The shaving soap box

The shaving  soap is wrapped separately in a recycled unbleached cardboard box for freshness. You can either recycle it or compost it.


Packing slips

We choose not to include packing slips as we think it’s wasting unnecessary paper. We would gladly send you a digital packing slip if you need it.



When do you ship orders?

We usually ship orders within 24 hours, unless it’s a weekend or German bank holiday.


How long will my order take to arrive?

Due to the current pandemic, parcel volumes across the board are unusually high so there may be delays. We ask for your patience in such cases. You can check the standard times on the shipping page.


Do you offer international shipping?

Shipping within the European Union is completely free for orders over 35. 

If you are based outside of Europe, we would encourage you to try to source the items locally - as much as we would love having you as a customer, the planet comes first. 

If you are ordering to the UK, please head over to our Etsy shop. Due to post-Brexit regulations we can only accept UK orders made on our Etsy shop. 


Do you still ship to the UK after Brexit?

If you are ordering to the UK, please head over to our Etsy shop. Due to post-Brexit regulations we can only accept UK orders made on our Etsy shop. 


Can I change the delivery address after placing an order?

Please contact us as soon as possible! Providing we haven’t already posted your order we will be happy to make any amendments. 


I no longer need/like the product and would like to get a refund.

Please contact us if you’re not happy with your purchase. Full details on the shipping and returns page.



How do I recycle my shaving kit?

The kit should last you a long time if you take care of it! Always try to reuse where possible, and should you need to recycle we’ve put together some guidelines below:


Razor and blades

    • can be recycled with metal recycling
    • where possible, put old blades inside cans you are also recycling to avoid the risk of someone accidentally hurting themselves 


Shaving brush

    • If possible, re-purpose the whole brush
    • the handle can be recycled with wood or repurposed 
    • the synthetic hair is made of nylon and should be trimmed and recycled with plastics


Linen pouch

    • Linen is a durable material and any small holes that develop over time can generally be mended fairly easily
    • If it cannot be mended, recycle with textiles


Shaving soap box

    • unbleached and can be recycled with paper recycling 


Soap dish

    • can be recycled with wood or repurposed 


Grass paper box and wood wool

    • compostable!



I have an idea for a product that you should stock and/or suggestions about your existing product. 

We are always open to hearing your ideas and wholeheartedly welcome any suggestions. Please get in touch here.